Mobiroo | 700 Choice Apps for Android Phone Users
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700 Choice Apps for Android Phone Users

21 Jun 700 Choice Apps for Android Phone Users





Hope is at hand for Android smartphone users who feel overwhelmed by the vast selection of apps on offer.

Research firm Canalys has estimated that 800,000 Android apps are available – so finding the one that you want can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Canadian company Mobiroo has a solution. Next month, it is launching a US$2.99 (S$3.75)-a-month subscription service in Singapore for Android apps.

Users will have access to any of 700 apps that have been specially curated.

Chief executive Vinay Chopra said users want to find an affordable and easy way to buy content. But the challenge is finding the appropriate content.

“So we have ensured that the apps we selected have no security issues and are free from porn or online gambling.”

Subscribers can download any of the apps as many times as they like, but once the service is terminated, they will not be able to play any game or access any data that had been saved when the service was still in use.

Mobiroo decided to use Southeast Asia as a global launch pad because Android penetration is getting higher in Singapore and in other South-east Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

In an interview late last month, Mr Chopra said Mobiroo will be working with a local telco to provide the service.

The telco will also provide the billing service.

Mobiroo is in ongoing discussions with app developers and aggregators around the world to add more apps to the service.

On Google Play, where all the Android apps are hosted, the content is not well curated so it is difficult to know which apps encourage online gambling, for example.

Although Mr Chopra did not give any figures for smartphone penetration, research house GfK said sales of smartphones with display sizes of 4.5 inches and above make up 20 per cent of the total market. And the segment is growing.

Phones with these display sizes are Android phones sold by companies such as Samsung and HTC.

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