Mobiroo | Mobiroo Introduces App Subscription Service
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Mobiroo Introduces App Subscription Service

21 Jun Mobiroo Introduces App Subscription Service




With more than 700,000 apps to choose from in the Google Play store, there’s no way most Android owners can afford all the apps they want to try. That’s where Mobiroo comes in.

Mobiroo is a Canadian start-up that offers a subscription service for apps, much like Spotify does for music and Netflix for video. For a small monthly fee, users have access to hundreds of apps, in categories like fitness, games, photography and music.

A monthly subscription starts at $2.50, then jumps to $4.98 after the first month. Since the average price of a top paid Android app in 2012 was $3.47, users who find just a couple of worthwhile apps through Mobiroo every month get good value from their subscription.

Right now, the selection of apps available through Mobiroo isn’t bad, although it doesn’t scratch the surface of what’s available through the Play Store itself. That said, Mobiroo expects to continue adding apps to their menu. Some of the more popular apps already available are Riptide GP, Cogs, Falcon Pro and Quell Reflect.

Avid cyclists will enjoy Mobiroo’s Velodroid GPS Bike Computer, an app that keeps track of all your personal best statistics, as well as speed, distance, elevation and gradient. (Check out STACK’s list of the 10 best fitness apps for athletes.)

Find out what’s available through Mobiroo’s 7-day free trial. Visit and enter your email address for your free trial.

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